Irit Felsen commenting after attending an interview with Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger, 92 years old, a little slower than I remember
seeing him, as a kid, constantly on TV in the 70's, always on 
the go, trying to bring some sanity to the middle east. At this 
advanced age, Kissinger at the Museum of Jewish Heritage a couple 
of evenings ago was clear, sharp and witty. He spoke sparingly 
of his personal experiences, whether as a 15 years old refugee 
from Germany in New York or as a 19 years old American soldier 
in Germany. Instead he directed the conversation to the message 
that he seemed intent on communicating, a message focused on the 
need to avoid and prevent the repetition of the catastrophes of 
World War I and World War II. In order to assure that, Kissinger 
emphasized the need for a realistic view of the international 
conflicts at hand, and an equally realistic assessment of those 
nations who could be corralled to be allies in the struggle for a 
more stable, peaceful world, and those who cannot. It was astounding 
to listen to Kissinger, a true statesman of rate statute, so 
eloquently and substantively, articulating his message to the 
future. Kissinger has been clearly motivated by his personal 
experiences witnessing the collapse of civilized society, to 
translate his remarkable personal, professional and intellectual 
abilities to the effort to design better international policies 
and strategies. We applaud Henry Kissinger, and hope his legacy 
will be heeded by the leaders of the world in these troubled times. 
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