Comment on new book: “The Neuropsychology of the Unconscious” by Efrat Ginot

My colleage and friend, Efrat Ginot, Ph.D., recently published an important and wonderful book. The book is entitled

“The Neuropsychology of the Unconscious: Integrating Brain and Mind in Psychotherapy”

(see and is published  by Norton, as part of the Interpersonal Neurobiology Series.

I have read the book and found it extremely interesting in illuminating a new and revolutionary understanding of the unconscious that moves away from the concepts of defensive repression and dissociation to the idea that whole patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving are automatically repeated throughout life, having been implicitly internalized and integrated into different self states, governing current behavior even when they are no longer adaptive. The book is beautifully, fluently written and offers an important integration of neuropsychological research with clinical practice. I highly recommend it for all mental health professionals and students.

Irit Felsen

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