A Single Mother Shows Us What Parenting Is All About


Some kids don’t have the picture-perfect family we all wish for. Some parents don’t have the picture-perfect lives they imagined they might have when they were kids. Sometimes tragedy takes away the parent that was supposed to be there to guide you throughout childhood, to attend school functions, sport games, plays and class trips. Sometimes marriages don’t work out and we decide that two happier separated parents are better than two unhappy spouses. Sometimes a single Mom or, increasingly, Dad, decide to have a child without a partner. Yet all parents want their child to have it all, to enjoy all the special days we can give them, to never feel like they have less than others. We want them to have everything we can give them and more. This one creative and gutsy Mom (see http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/05/health/mom-dad-donuts-trnd/index.html) showed her son, and showed us all, that the glass half empty can be a glass more than full!

Irit Felsen

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