Presentation at Trauma Institute of Orange County in Goshen NY, Nov. 30/2017

On  Thursday November 30, 2017,  I will be giving a presentation entitled “Trauma, Aging, and the Implications for Treatment at the Trauma Institute of Orange County, in Goshen, NY. The program offers 2 Continuing Education hours for Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Psychoanalysts.

The presentation will focus on the impact of various types of traumatic experiences in prior phases of life on the way aging trauma survivors experience the process of aging and the losses that often accompany it. Studies have shown that healthcare providers might perceive elderly trauma survivors as difficult patients, and experience hopelessness, helplessness, anger, and distancing in the relationships with them. However, better knowledge and understanding of the survivors’ historical background and potential triggers has been shown to improve the care they receive. This presentation will focus on articulating the potential sensitivities of elderly individuals previously exposed to interpersonal cruelty, and offer ways to address difficult dynamics with the aging survivors of trauma and their family members.

The program is organized by the Geriatric Mental Wellness Alliance and The Trauma Institute of Orange County. More details can be found from this link, or by downloading the flyer for the event.

                   Irit Felsen

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